Want To Look Like A Leader? Wear Sneakers (But Make Them Luxe!)

According to a report by Reuters, people who buy three pairs of sneakers or more a year are far more likely to have the qualities of a leader. Mindset Media, a company which examines personality traits of consumers, found that "multi-sneaker buyers were 50 percent more likely to be very assertive and 47 percent more… » 4/01/08 4:30pm 4/01/08 4:30pm

Glossy Girls

Have you seen the new, gorgeous cover of the April issue of Vogue? Gisele, who truly has the best body (who cares how she got it), looks amazing. Some have called this cover racist but I see a celebration of diversity! Ms. Bundchen looks so ethereal and dainty next to Mr. James — and his skin tone really makes that… » 4/01/08 3:45pm 4/01/08 3:45pm

Commenting On The New Jezebel

You may have noticed that some things have changed around here. And it's not just us: You, dear readers, will be changing as well. We want this site to be a happy place where we can discuss the positive aspects of what it means to be a woman: A sparkling personality! Having a great man in your life! Shopping! Career!… » 4/01/08 3:00pm 4/01/08 3:00pm

Looking Skinny

A great new way to lose weight: Wearing glasses with blue lenses to make food unappetizing. While red and yellow stimulate the appetite, blue is either calm and tranquil or cold and depressing. We're willing to try anything to stay slender — do they have a contact lens option? [Diet Blog] » 4/01/08 2:45pm 4/01/08 2:45pm

Beauty Can Be Seen And Heard

There's a brilliant piece in today's Times of London (my favorite of the London papers) which asks, "Can anyone speak with a high-class accent, and does it make life easier?" The answers, of course, are yes and yes! One ought to attempt to speak as well as one can; if someone mistakes you for royalty or landed gentry,… » 4/01/08 1:45pm 4/01/08 1:45pm

The 5 Items You Must Have For Spring

Spring has sprung! This year, there are five items every woman must have her wardrobe. As the seasons change, so should your essentials; and when it comes to accessories, think bright, light and white! The five items you ought not be seen without, after the jump.

» 4/01/08 1:30pm 4/01/08 1:30pm